Tribute to the Dogs of New Orleans

REMEMBER the Dogs of New Orleans by visiting a wonderful slide show at:

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DOG SONGS from the Gulf 

Janet Hicks, Animal Communicator

Two AM РGot back from the site where the animals came in today from the Gulf area hours ago but I still have the faces of so many hearts still living in my mind that I cannot sleep. I stayed ‘til the last rescue group had pulled out so as to help w/ any dogs still having troubles.

It was such a visual — these noble souls just off the huge truck that transported them unloading one by one greeted by the ” handling station” which was a group of volunteers like myself that collared & leashed the dogs and were marking them w/ a code that gave the dogs an identity # along w/ the name of the rescue group taking them.Kim Finger‚Äôs group, Much Love, all magically orchestrated it. It was such an honor to be there – helping these beings to safe harbor. I floated in between the handling station and the medical station greeting each dog with ” Five Flower Remedy”, FES’s version of Rescue Remedy. They had kindly donated my rescue group a case for the occasion.I made a point of connection with each dog, running my hands down their backs to help ground them, giving reike, a dose of flower essences and most of all telling them that they were safe now & being helped & that we love dogs & wanted to help them. The rescuers had whisked the kitties away to be vetted elsewhere -such being the delicate social structure of cats…this clamor was certainly too much for them.

So I have this collage of dog’s faces, spines & smells in my mind. The stench was unreal. Most of these dogs were most likely on the hungry side & in need of a bath before the hurricane hit. Over 90% plus tested heartworm positive and rarely did I see a neutered male. Some dogs were just skin & bones & immediately triaged with fluids.

I cannot get these images out of my mind. Panting drooling dogs, a tail wagging puppy black lab mix looking like he was at a huge happy picnic. One huge rottie female, just the sweetest, collapsed in the corner in distress & grief. She was worried about her people. I explained to these dogs that we were also trying to reunite them with their folks. All animals were photographed after their medical & are being posted on the Petfinder site. It is mandatory that each group hold the dogs 30 days before they can go onto another “forever home.”

There are the two dogs that when they found each other, they seemed hugely relieved. There coloring was similar — white w/ liver-brown flecks, one some kind of beagel-doxie something mix & one 2 heads taller. They both took such a big sigh of relief that they were re-routed to go to the same rescue & stay together. Everyone was focused on how to bring the dog‚Äôs just one iota more of comfort, a bowl of food, a treat, and a hug.

It was an amazing thing to see a dog that had been wary & stressed out to roll on his/her back give us a belly in an act of trust. It was such a great feeling to get through to them that we are there to help & have that received and appreciated by a sigh of relief.

I’m going to see if I can sleep now. Many pups later…. I‚Äôm sure they’ll accompany me into the dreamtime…

Janet M. Hicks