Stories from Dogland

The Warehouse Dogs

Shortly after The Bumper Foundation was created we faced a huge challenge: We discovered 16 dogs were being held captive in a dark, dingy, dirty old ware house in South Central Los Angeles.

It was a life threatening situation.  The dogs wallowed in filthy unsanitary conditions. They were malnourished and in exceedingly poor health. Many of these poor souls never saw the light of day.

Today, thanks to your generous donations¬†we’re happy to report that those Warehouse Dogs are very lucky dogs.¬†¬†We’ve found loving homes for every one!¬†¬†Some lucky dogs are living life¬†large at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.









Goodbye Bernie


It was with mixed emotions that I said goodbye to Bernie the “hopeless” pit who now has such hope and joy in his future¬†on¬†the eve of his journey to Joanna at SecondChance Rescue in Chicago, Illinois.¬† Bernie, unforgettable Bernie, with his huge cartoon face, that ear to ear smile, that tank-like body that seemingly moves side to side more than forward when he walks, who looks more like a T-Rex¬†than any dog I’ve ever seen… ¬† Bernie of the endless joy who never met a person he didn’t like, I’m sure he would forgive even those who abused him so horribly in the past…Bernie has taught me more about forgiveness than any human being I’ve ever met. ¬†

I remember that face in the shelter and thinking how sad, a black¬†Pitbull with¬†ears that had¬†been cut off so close to his head that his ear canal¬†was almost¬†closed due to scarring, with scars all over his¬†face, how sad, he’ll¬†never make it out of here alive, never in a million¬†years I thought…. ¬† I imagined him as a little puppy with floppy ears and all the hope and anticipation that puppies have,¬†I imagined him crying as the gangsters carved his ears off so that the¬†other¬†dogs they would try to fight him with would have nothing to grab onto…I imagined him not¬†being a good fighter¬†because he had¬†more¬†love than¬†anger in his heart and I imagined them shaving his teeth down so that he could be a bait dog.¬† ¬†

Finally I imagined him being¬†dumped and picked up by the South L.A. Shelter and his life ending, like so many others,¬†without him ever experiencing¬†the love and security that every creature on this planet should have, but so few do. ¬† I didn’t expect much¬†when I¬†sent his picture and story out¬†into cyberspace.¬†But somehow that big goofy face made his way¬†to some people who wanted to help.¬†Who not only wanted to help, but¬†were ready, willing, and able to move heaven and earth to¬†save this dog.¬†That they were halfway across the country didn’t seem to faze them at all. ¬†

Sheri, who¬†continues to amaze me, arranged Bernie’s journey with¬†the fine-tuned skill and coordinaton of a world leader. Sheri’s loyalty, positive attitude, and caring spirit are an inspiration to me. Catherine, whose love and appreciation of a much maligned breed has saved so many lives.¬†This¬†breed whose noble qualities of strength and loyalty which have been overshadowed by the¬†actions of ignorant, careless, and often criminal humans who have filled our shelters with an endless stream of dogs who are doomed, taken a breed¬†and created an image which can only be fought¬†by education and the¬†all the wonderful “Bernies” who change minds whereever they go, whenever they’re given¬†a chance.¬† And Joanna who took a chance on a dog she’s never met, who took this dog on when no one else would.¬†

Thank you Joanna, Sheri, and Catherine from the bottom of my heart.  Please keep in touch and I hope to get updates whenever you can.  

Goodbye, Bernie, I will always remember you