Janet M. Hicks


¬†Janet M. Hicks is a¬†well-known¬†Animal Communicator and one of¬†BUMPER’s founders.¬†¬†She works with all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to dolphins,¬†and horses and this is her¬†page devoted to Animal Communication.¬†¬†Starting this month¬†Janet is going to talk about¬†her experiences talking with the animals and will also¬†answer your questions.¬†

This month Janet talks about how Animal Communication works.


We are all interconnected Sentient Beings. That is why we get hunches about family members, close friends or life events. All the information is readily available to our inner listening and animals are no exception to this.

They are profoundly connected to us. Dialog between you and your animal friend is as natural as talking to another human being. I am sure you have all experienced those moments of, “I‚Äôm sure FiFi is trying to tell me something,” or “I could swear Skrumpee understands every word I say.”

You’re right. Trust your intuition.All Animal communication is heart centered and takes place on a different frequency than most human communication. This frequency is like tuning into a different television channel than the one we are normally accustomed to.  

Pictures, Words & Feeling Tones

Animals frequently send visual pictures of what they are trying to communicate. When I first started to get quiet and really listen to myself I began seeing the different colored labels of the varieties of dog food appearing in my mind’s eye.

I don’t generally think about dog food (Chocolate, perhaps) so I quickly deduced that these were not my thoughts.I began to test this theory by giving my little Maltese, Mae, a different food from the label I had seen that day. Sure enough, she held out until I provided her with the food with the label that had appeared in my mind.

Other times, animals will use our verbal language to communicate. I am frequently impressed with the extensive use of our language that most animals have.Another mode of communication is receiving what I call “feeling tones”. These can be on an emotional level as well as on the physical plane. It is common for me to feel an animal‚Äôs emotional state as well as where pain or discomfort is located in their body.

Question: When is Animal communication helpful?

Janet: A good time to check in is when significant change happens. It is beneficial to tell your animal friend about impending changes so that the animal is not taken by surprise. It is also helpful to find out what they may need from you to transition smoothly. Talking to your animal friend before a move, getting a new animal, or any situation that affects you is helpful. Animals like and need to be considered when changes occur because they are much affected by our changes both internal and external.

Question: How does Animal Communication help solve behavioral problems like agressiveness, constant barking or peeing indoors?

Janet: When your animal friend exhibits behavior that is unappreciated by you it’s sometimes hard to find the root cause. Most behavior that we find irritating does have some reason or emotional cause behind it. It is helpful to find out what is triggering the behavior and to find out from your animal friend what support is needed so they can make a behavior change. I use a chakra reading to see where the possible trauma is lodged and then apply the appropriate healing to release it.

Question: What about illness?

Janet: I have been asked to assist in cases where the vet cannot locate the source of the discomfort or when the vet suspects that the cause may be an emotional situation affecting you or your friend. A body scan is suggested in detecting the location of the physical issue.  

Question: Can you find a missing animal? Janet:  Losing an animal friend is one of the most difficult situations for any animal lover. I can find out what happened, what route the animal took and what the animal sees around it. Often, the person can find their friend with these clues, or when the animal is calmer from being talked to, it recalls its route and can find its way home.

Question: What about animals nearing death?

Janet:¬† I prefer to think in terms of transition and believe the animal spirit like ours lives on forever. Its true the physical body may stop. But the spirit is free. Many people experience great stress as their animal friend nears their transition. They wonder, “Is it their time? “What do they need to be comfortable? Do they want or need assistance?” These unending questions can be answered just by talking with your friend.


For more information about animal communication or if you’d like to ask¬†Janet a question¬†for next month’s page, feel free to contact Janet at doggilama@aol.com