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Hey Mary,

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that Farah is doing great and has become a great addition to the family. FYI, after the first two days we decided to rename her Nola as neither of us where really keen on the name Farah. So her name now is actually Nola.

She reponds well to it but it took a few days. She is still a sweetheart, loves her toys and people. She’s still a bit dog aggressive with other aggressive dogs but we have been doing lots with her and she seems to be getting better. She is a “protective barker” and loves to let us know when people are close by. I guess that’s the German Shepherd coming out.

She still sleeps the night away in the bedroom and won’t leave until my feet hit the floor and she knows its time for her walk. Oh, and she’s starting to shed like crazy. We figure with the dog hair she’s leaving behind, we could build another dog in a few months.

I’ve attached some pics from a recent trip to the park with some friends. And yestreday, she spend the day running around the beach in Malibu. I wish I had some pictures of that, but we didn’t bring the camera.

Hope you had a Happy Easter!


jazz.JPGMary, Earlier tonight the Lord put you in my thoughts. I just wanted to tell you that Jazz is absolutely amazing. He has become such an important part of our family.He has learned to obey, sit, etc. He loves to play and run around. The only time he barks is when we are chasing him around the yard playing. He has such a unique personality. He likes to sleep right on my legs, but I have adjusted to that pretty well


We just absolutely adore him. Everyone, I mean everyone that comes to our house threatens to steal him from us. He is so lovable and personable and just loves everyone.¬† I have a attached a few pictures of him on how he looks now. I’m sure you recall that he was pretty short haired when we got him back in June.

There is one when we brought him home and then the rest were taken in the last month or so. he doesnt really care to have his picture taken.

Thank you again for helping us find such an amazing addition to our family. We look forward to growing old with him.

In Christ,

The Bowlings



chloe1.jpg    chloe2.jpg

“Chloe” (aka “Courtney”)¬† is a HUGE SUCCESS!!!¬† The kids are in LOVE!¬† And yes, Lauren said, ‘This is the Best Christmas¬†Ever!!!”¬† Thank you so much, Keep in touch,Paul



patches-5.jpg  patches.jpg

These pictures came out¬†great~¬† Patches is so photogenic and such a sweet girl.¬† I really like the one of you and patches where you have this great smile and also the one with you, Beth and Alana, with her eyes closed.¬† Thank you so much for your help with saving Patches.¬† We will stay in touch and if this is a match, we can have an opportunity to save others.¬† Your home would be like a “way station”.¬† There is a way for everyone to be involved in animal rescue as you can see. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will keep you posted on Patches progress,

Love, Mary.



Mary, Thanks for the photos. We love them. And we love Farrah.¬† She has to be the most well behaved dog ever.¬† She is easy to walk, good around people, lets us eat¬†our dinner without hanging over us, and sleeps the¬†entire night next to us. We were also convinced that she couldn’t bark until¬†tonight.

She is amazing and we feel so lucky to have her. Thanks again for all of the training and hard work¬† that must have gone into her prior to our arrival on the scene. We won’t be giving her back!! LOL!!!¬† Merry Christmas!!

Desiree and Scott



Hi Mary:
Haven’t emailed you for awhile, but I thought of you today. Jesse, my 8 year old, was in a Thanksgiving play. At the end of the play, each child got in front of the microphone to say what they were thankful for.

Jesse said, “I am thankful for my dog – – a good dog!”¬†Pepsi has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is devoted to all of us and he really doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Here is a recent portrait I had done for the holidays.


minks-new-home-004.jpgMink ‘s new mom fell in love with her face on our website and immediately wanted her to become apart of her family consisting of, Lucy a Yorkshire Terrier and Melanie a Poodle mix.¬† Nilsa and husband Juan had purchased the other two pets from a pet store and breeder, but decided never again and wanted to save a¬† rescued dog and provide a loving home.¬† We are so thankful to the Bermudez family for adopting sweet little Mink who is already in love with her two new sisters.

Here she is with her new family, Nilsa, is the mom, Mink, Lucy the Yorkie and Melanie the cute little poodle mix. All three girls were getting along great and even the their cat was fine with the new addition.I know you are all very happy for little Mink finding a wonderful family and a loving home.


Mary Sheri & Tina Ballerina


Sheri Lesser’s story~ I can’t express fully how much I love my little girl. I take her with me whenever I can…although mostly we are at the house. Right now she is sleeping curled up on my lap as I work. Everyone else loves her too. A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend spent the night because Jared was out of town. We were watching TV and when she got up to get ready for bed she pulled on my leg and tried tickling me. Tina went into protector mode thinking my friend was hurting me. She got between us and began barking so loud. It was really cute. I enjoy sleeping with her too. She goes under the covers and snuggles with us. I did not know I could love a dog sooooo much!!! She has brought me soooo much happiness…


Willy and Dennis Parrish wrote about their new baby  


Dear Mary,

Just a note to say thank you and all the people who work so hard to keep and find homes for these animals.¬† They do a great job …We have been looking for a small dog for a year .¬† One that would adjust to our life style and travel with us .. go in the car,¬† and etc¬† etc…¬†¬† on Aug 4th¬† our daughters told us that they were having a pet adoption at our local pet store…It was almost closing time and our friend Mary was starting to pack the dogs up..¬† there was 4 little dogs .Grey Black, Brown , and a little White one..¬† She was very quiet and not very excited to see anyone.

We looked at the other dogs and they were very lively and cute . But my husband keep going back to the little white one and the girls keep saying to walk her , hold her,¬† you know get to know her..¬†¬†¬† Now let me tell you this is a small ,¬† cute ,¬† quiet dog, and why no one took her that day ,¬† we really don”t know…..”we think that some one told her ,, “If you wait¬† they will come”.. and we finally came to get her…..¬† We named her Princess Rosie..{Rosie}….She has brought us so much joy …..She is a loving ,¬† happy dog.¬† She was meant to be with us…¬†

Thank you all again for doing a great job…¬†¬†¬†¬†

Willy, Denny and Rosie……


Deane, Harry’s guardian wrote these excerpts about Harry.

deane-and-harry.jpgEverything is going very well. Harry is now attached at the hip. I was with him all day Tuesday after you dropped him off and on Wednesday, we went on a shopping spree and I bought him everything (almost all he needed.) He got a beautiful new black leather collar and leash.Harry has two brand new beds, one in the bedroom and another one in the living room. He has about 12 new toys and more come daily as my friends are sending him welcome gifts by the bag full. Harry seems very happy and I am falling madly in Love with him. Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful baby into my life.

I hope we can meet up soon so you can see Harry.

All the best,




Marina saw Omoto’s photo on Petfinder and sent an email stating” I am looking for a dog just like Omoto, how can I meet him”? She came out on Saturday to The Bumper Foundation adoptions with their dog Keeger, a 6 year old male, to meet and greet Omoto. The dogs got along famously and they immediately wanted to begin a week trial period with Omoto in their Westwood home.

Marina and Siaka live in a two story home that has a large open area downstairs with hardwood floors which kinda looks similar to a doggie day care play place.Both dogs are getting along jolly well. Marina and Siaka’s next mission will be to slowly introduce Omoto to their 2 cats, who watch all of the doggie activity from the loft above the living room.Marina Bonanni is a music attorney and she along with her boy friend, actor Siaka Massaquoi, are both great animal lovers!



One Saturday afternoon not too long ago, one of Tony’s friends came by our adoptions and said he has a friend who is in a wheel chair due to MS. He went on to say his friend lost his dog after many years and needed a new friend. Mary gave him one of Bumper’s business cards, invited him to check our website, and give her a call if he saw a dog that striked his fancy.

Tony eventually contacted Mary about a couple of other dogs, which after plenty of discussion turned out were not quite right. Then Mary sent photos of Oliver and Mutt. Tony and his Caretaker, Bettina Silva were excited and wanted to see them both! One morning Mary packed up Oliver and Mutt and drove into West Hollywood to meet Tony and Bettina. Mary took Oliver in first to meet Tony and it was love at first sight.

When Tony takes Oliver for a walk for a potty break, he walks along side his wheel chair and then rides back since Oliver is able to jump up on his Tony’s lap. GOOD, GOOD DOG!



Skyy was adopted on Saturday by this lovely Culver City Family. Skyy is one of two little Terriers who were dumped at our adoptions. Carol Diamond and her son Michael came to our adoptions on Friday October 5th and met Skyy. Michael was immediately smitten. Michael has had a dog his entire life, except for the last 6 weeks. Carol filled out an application, but indicated that dad would have to come and meet Skyy and make the final decision.

On Saturday, Ira came to see Skyy. He took him out and spend a lot of time with Skyy. Ira really liked Skyy’s demeanor and temperament and said they were going to discuss adopting him while on their trip to San Diego Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the story is written in the Photograph.

P.S. Skyy and their two cats, who by the way weigh more than Skyy, are doing fine 😉