Rotweiler/ Sheperd Mix- COCOA- Adopted

Cocoa coccoa.JPGCocoa is a 2 year old Rotweiler/ Sheperd Mix. She is Brindle with White Coloring. I adopted Cocoa from the shelter when she was just 7 weeks old. Shortly after I got her, the veterinarian told me that she had Parvo. Together, we did everything necessary to save her life, (I figured I didnt adopt her from the shelter just to let her go, we were gonna fight) and we did and we won.After a few weeks in the hospital, a blood transfusion and some real care, she was back to her healthy puppy self. We spent a lot of time and money to save her life, and everyday she reminds me that she was worth it. She is a beautiful dog, she’s never had a bad day. She loves to cuddle in bed, run outside and play with other dogs. Since Cocoa was little, she has lived with three other dogs. They were like a little pack of dogs running around our large property. Really a little family. We also took care of a friends cat for a few months and once Cocoa was introduced to the cat, she was in love.She herself thought she was a cat, when the cat would sit on the back of the couch, so would Cocoa. A big 60 lbs. dog on the back of the couch is almost as cute at the cat. Unfortuantely, we lived in an area that was not so great and had to move quickly.We were fortunate enough to have her stay with my brother in law, because we all lived on the same property, there was no trauma for her. She stayed in the same place with him, happily. While he went to work out of the city, she went to stay with my sister in law (someone she had visited almost everyday with us) and was so happy because she had two little girls to play with her all day long.She did great with the girls, they are 5 and 6 years old. Now our time has run out and we can no longer have her with our family, due to their obligations and we have to respect that. We refuse to put her back into the shelter where she will have no chance whatsoever , so we ask for any and all help possible to find her a home asap. She is neutered/spay. If you can help please e-mail me at Bellitzima@yahoo.comThank you,Anissa

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