Lhasa Apso – TEDDY- male – Adopted



Teddie is a two-year-old beautiful male Lhasa Apso.¬† He has the face of a Teddie Bear (hence the name) and a big personality.¬† Teddie‚Äôs hobbies are playing catch, dropping objects in the pool to watch them sink, and protecting his home.¬†¬†Teddie would thrive in a household that can give him lots of attention, especially if he could be walked regularly.¬† His owners’s schedules have kept them from committing the time needed for Teddie.¬† They say that he¬†is a beautiful, loving dog¬†who will make¬†great companion for the right home.¬† Teddie is neutered and up to date on all vaccines.¬† Interested parties contact Tracy Dority at tracidority@mac.com¬† (310) 418-2433 or Ashley Gallagher at (310) 937-6369 for more information.


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