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This is Lucky.  Lucky is in need of a good home, as I was forced to give him up.  I rescued Lucky from the Pasadena H.S. about 3 months ago, but unfortunately, I had to take him back on Sunday September 16, 2007.  And now, he is awaiting a good home.

Lucky is an absolutely amazing dog, and it breaks my heart to know he is still waiting to be adopted.  PLEASE PLEASE, if you or anyone that you know is able to take him in, please please do so.  I AM WILLING TO PAY FOR THE ADOPTION FEE as long as he is taken in to a good home.

Lucky was in the middle of his training classes when I had to give him up, so he does know all of the basic commands (sit, stay, lay down, and how to shake hands.)  I spoiled him daily with lots of love, treats, and trips to the dog park where he was able to play with other dogs.  He is very friendly towards other animals, as well as humans.  He is the PERFECT dog in need of a home.       ID # A214908

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.


Sarah Steven

(818) 612-2564

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