Here’s to wishing all my friends around the world the Happiest of Thanksgivings. Every day out of a kennel is a day to be grateful for.  Here is a list of the things I’m grateful for.  

People. People are amazing and they are fun to watch. I love being hugged by them and have come to realize being hugged is the greatest gift in the world Рnext to smelling another dog’s behind. We dogs love the feeling of love and can’t seem to get enough. So when you make your New Year’s Resolutions List… top of the list: Hug everyone no matter what species.


Food.  I love food and I am grateful every day for its nourishment. It keeps me healthy and happy. I once heard some one said that food was God’s love made edible.  What does that say for fire hydrants?  



dog-28.jpg¬†Love. I love to love. That‚Äôs what we dogs do. Doesn‚Äôt make sense to do anything else than what we love doing at any moment we want to. You humans have a problem with that‚Ķ.one day you‚Äôll learn. Love is all there is. Really and truly.¬† I could say more… but I smell food.¬†



Nature. Thank you Nature! If food is God’s love made edible, then Nature must be God’s love made visible ‘cause it’s all beautiful. I never met a tree I didn’t like.  



Peace. Peace is a warm bed, furry squeak toys, food and friends. We can all have it, but we must want it. Really and truly want it more than anything else in the world. Visualize Peace. Work for Peace. Think Peace. Be Peace.  




May the Great Spirit, as you know spirit,  bless you and your family now and for every more with everlasting love and light and laughter. 


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