This Valentine’s Day

Join Bumper’s Lonely Hearts Club.


Give the gift of life to a homeless dog.

caged_pitbull.jpgWhile Los Angeles dog rescue and dog adoption groups made¬†big progress when the Los Angeles City Council approved mandantory spay and neutering for dogs but we all know these political things take time… and time is the one thing hundreds of dogs¬†don’t have. For them the clock¬†still ticks.

There is no moratorium on euthanasia.

When a dog comes into the Bumper Foundation, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe sanctuary. This means, food, shelter, and care. An average dog costs the foundation $12.00 per day. Bigger guys and gals cost more to board.This Valentines Day we’re asking everyone to sposor a dog by joining Bumper’s Lonely Hearts Club.¬†¬†

Contribute by the day, week, or month.

Longer term donations are also very cool.¬† If you’re a business or¬† corporation become a yearly supporter. Sponsor a specific dog or give to our general fund for the many Los Angeles¬†dogs at large or in shelters.The¬†gift of¬†your heart goes directly to¬†a dog’s heart. ¬†This Valentines Day give a dog¬†life.

Join Bumper’s Lonely Heart’s Club.

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