Australian Cattledog/Shepherd – Rhett – Adopted

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Rhett and his sister Scarlet were rescued from the streets, together  with  their mother Tara. Even though, the mother was fairly used to people,  Rhett and his sister had no clue what we were and that they could trust  us. Rhett has been living in a cage-free doggy daycare now and loves  playing with other dogs. He is also VERY affectionate and gentle with his  caretakers. It still takes him a little to warm up to strangers but once  he does, Rhett is the most loyal, goofy, kissy, obedient dog.  Yes, very  obedient at the tender age of about 10 months: Rhett walks very well on  the leash, he sits, stays, lays down and waits at doors for permission.  Rhett has the typical traits of a true Australian Cattle Dog and the  beauty of a miniature Shepherd. This dog is a true diamond in the ruff  just waiting to make the right person THE most proud dog parent in the world.Please contact  Ingrid @ (310) 480 6030 or by e-mail

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