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Lucky the Cat purrfectly happy – thank you Bumper Foundation

This article originally appeared in Peninsula News July 2, 2009
by: Rebecca Villaneda, 

The fact that this little guy is alive at all is a miracle,

– Judy Taylor, Bumper Foundation

Kiity with broken legs.01.jpg

Lucky- living up to his name

A Cat that lay in an animal shelter for five days with two broken legs found solace in a doctor and some caring individuals.

Crenshaw Animal Hospital & Cat Clinic’s Dr. Henry Yoo said it’s probable the cat was run over by a car, causing multiple fractures.

But why the undisclosed Orange County animal shelter, where the cat was found, has the rule of not treating such injuries for up to five days, had the veterinarian and the San Pedro rescue baffled.

It was going to be put to sleep in three to four days, which was actually today (Thursday, June 26), but some cat advocates saved the cat,” said the Lomita doctor.  “They said that they had to wait until Thursday, until they met the legal requirement for waiting for the owner to come in, but these people went in and took care of the cat and brought the cat in for the medical service.

Without receiving full compensation for the $6,000 operation, Yoo and his staff performed the necessary surgery to get the domestic, short-hair tabby back on its way to recovery.

“The fact that this little guy is alive at all is a miracle,” said Judy Taylor, a member of the San Pedro nonprofit animal rescue group Bumper Foundation.

It’s a miracle because people had to believe that the impossible was possible, and what you do is you go forward even when it looks like there is no hope.

– Judy Taylor, Bumper Foundation

About $1,000 in donations has trickled in for the cost of surgery, but Taylor said there is still an effort to pay back Yoo.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry about the money, now; let’s just worry about the cat,'” Taylor said. “He is the clearest example I’ve ever seen of a true animal lover.”

Taylor couldn’t say why this particular cat caught the attention of a community of animal advocates, other than a series of events that made it easy to help him.


Yea Jim!!!

“I went to see the little boy today and in the middle of everything he is going through, when you touch him, he still purrs and rubs his head to your hand,” she said. “He’s just so interested in connecting with a human.”

It’s unclear as to where the cat was found or who turned it in to the animal shelter, said Taylor, but now the cat’s life is looking up.

The Bumper Foundation already found “Lucky” a home with Torrance resident Jim Johnston.

“He’s already had a lot of tender, love and care at the hospital. Those people really deserve the credit,” said Johnston, who has another cat at home, Pain In The A**, or Pita, who also is a rescue animal that risked euthanasia.

“He has turned out to be an absolute wonderful pet,” Johnston said of Pita. “I saw this one and I named him Lucky because I felt he was so lucky to be alive and to have gone through.”

Lucky was released to Johnston on Monday and is doing well.

“The whole staff down there are just such amazing people, I can’t believe it. That man (Yoo) hardly knows me – and he said, ‘Mr. Johnston, if you know anybody that has any animals that they need help with, you let me know,'” Johnston said. “How often do you meet people like that? You just don’t.”

Despite this story’s happy ending, Bumper Foundation President Janet Hicks reminds that there are thousands of other animals in need.



There’s such a huge crisis economically going on, and it’s just gotten exponentially worse, Maybe even bigger or equal to [our] medical [bills], is boarding. So people who would like to foster a cat or a dog and help it until it gets a home, we’re always looking for fosters and other big-hearted animal lovers.

Janet Hicks, The Bumper Foundation

Lucky STILL needs your help!

To donate to Lucky’s surgery, please use the pay pal link on the right- or,  if you prefer you can  send a check to the Bumper Foundation to 920 W. 37th St., San Pedro, CA. 90731.  All donations are tax deductible.

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