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Helping Helen – A Bumper Success Story

It is our 2 week mark of rehabilitating Helen who came to us with a large 1 inch deep & in diameter puncture wound severe flea dermatitis and a large lump near one of her ribs.

helen1She was hiding in the bushes in Los Feliz too frightened to let anyone near her.

How It All Began

My dear friend and fellow dog lover, Reno called me. She just happened to be in town performing and spotted the wee one. I was rushing out the door to pick up my nephews from school so I called Eldad.

He as usual, dropped everything to help. They trapped her, Reno named her Helen and I took her on as Bumper’s rescue.

It’s been quite a journey with her since. Helen was immediately placed on antibiotics for her wound that had a perfectly triangular point of entry and reeked of abuse. Leading to what was most disturbing about Helen, her intense fear aggression.

img_0271She was so terrified the first day at Dr. Palmquist’s office,  Centinela Animal Hospital, she charged the cage, biting it and breaking off a tooth and breaking a blood vessel in her nose. He and I have worked together rehabilitating many animals and we had never seen anyone as fear aggressive as Helen. You’ll see the scared little Helen in the first picture not letting anyone near her.

We both felt so sad for her and were even more determined to give her our best. Dr Palmquist began to work his medical magic with homeopathic remedies very specific to Helen’s type of aggression.

img_0274I began to work with her long distance, explaining to her that myself and everyone at the hospital were her friends and there to help her. She didn’t know she landed in the best place possible for her to heal on all levels. I explained to her that this entire place was filled with people that were her friends & that we were all sorry that someone hurt her so badly.

I told her what a good girl she was after a particularly fierce growl at me. She stopped, her little head tilted and she stared at me. She had wanted to hear that for a long time.

I lured her to the front of the cage with delicious treats. She waited until I stepped away, crept up ever so cautiously, grabbed it & retreated back to her corner. She kept her eyes glued to me as I praised her, telling her how brave and powerful she is. Again, her little head with those amazing radar ears, tilted and she stared at me.

Tuesday of this week was Helen’s first day “back”. It was though she awakened from an evil spell. She came out of her cage, and with some coaxing, she let me put a leash on her and off we went! Since then, daily she makes the rounds to visit all of her friends at CAH and gives kisses to us and shows her trust by giving us her belly to rub.

Helen is still in need of medical treatment, Dr Palmquist aspirated the lump today and we will get the results back on that soon. She also needs to still be spayed.

Helen urgently needs your help!

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Helen thanks you. And so do we.

Janet M. Hicks
Animal Communicator


Reno,  Eldad & Everyone at Centinela Animal Hospital!dog-13

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