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Lilo and Mini

Lilo and Mini -Paula’s Birthday Presentspaulas-birth-day-presents.jpgPaula Shirasago and her husband Gary adopted Fawn and Doe, now known as Lilo and Mini as a birthday gift for Paula. The girls were inseparable when they were rescued from a shelter in Tulure, Calif, right after Christmas and we were hopeful that we would find a family who would take both girls.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Happy Birthday Paula from all of us!

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Pit Bull -female mix- Duchess- Adopted



Duchess is about 4 months old and weighs about15 pounds. She is very sweet and gentle. She will be vaccinated, microchipped and spayed before placement. Duchess is great with other dogs and with kids. If interested in meeting her, please contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Shih Tzu mix- Louie- Adopted

Louie¬†louie2.jpgLouie is a 3yr old, 18lb shih tzu mix that is so super lovey-affectionate & fun. He loves to snuggle with you & has tons of personality. His favorite games are playing with his¬†squeekies, tug of war, and fetch.Louie is good with other dogs, he’s housebroken,¬† neutered,¬† current on vaccinations. No small children.¬†Please contact Janet his foster mom for an adoption application or with¬†any¬†questions –

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Chihuahua Mix – Tallulah – adopted

Tallulah   bambi2.jpgTallulah is a 18 month old Chihuahua mix.  She is a little shy at first but warms up after a few minutes.  She weighs about 9 pounds.  She is spayed, de-wormed, and vaccinated.  She is good with other dogs and with kids.If interested in meeting or adopting Tallulah please contact her sponsor, Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Male Papillon mix- SMOKIE- Adopted



This is little Free, a 18 month old male Papillon mix who was rescued from the side of the 110 freeway.  He is still a little frightened and still in need of reassurance from people, but he is doing great with other dogs. 
Free will be neutered, microchipped and vaccinated before placement. If interested in meeting him,  please contact his sponsor, Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Terrier mix- OLLIE- Adopted



Ollie is a 2 year old Terrier mix. He weighs about 10 pounds, is neutered and vacccinated. Ollie is great with other pets and with kids. If interested in meeting Ollie, please contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Emily’s second chance for Happiness



emily_family.jpgEmily gets a second chance for Happiness. After being adopted about 6 months ago, little Emily was returned to us because her people’s young son was not very nice to her. The mother was heartbroken, when the father told her to return Emily.¬†¬†



However, just a week after being back with us, she was re- homed with this wonderful family who will respect and love her. They are even keeping her name Emily because it is the Grandmothers name. How sweet is that. Emily was meant for the Peter Toller family.

Another Happy Tail~

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This Valentine’s Day

Join Bumper’s Lonely Hearts Club.


Give the gift of life to a homeless dog.

caged_pitbull.jpgWhile Los Angeles dog rescue and dog adoption groups made¬†big progress when the Los Angeles City Council approved mandantory spay and neutering for dogs but we all know these political things take time… and time is the one thing hundreds of dogs¬†don’t have. For them the clock¬†still ticks.

There is no moratorium on euthanasia.

When a dog comes into the Bumper Foundation, it’s our responsibility to provide a safe sanctuary. This means, food, shelter, and care. An average dog costs the foundation $12.00 per day. Bigger guys and gals cost more to board.This Valentines Day we’re asking everyone to sposor a dog by joining Bumper’s Lonely Hearts Club.¬†¬†

Contribute by the day, week, or month.

Longer term donations are also very cool.¬† If you’re a business or¬† corporation become a yearly supporter. Sponsor a specific dog or give to our general fund for the many Los Angeles¬†dogs at large or in shelters.The¬†gift of¬†your heart goes directly to¬†a dog’s heart. ¬†This Valentines Day give a dog¬†life.

Join Bumper’s Lonely Heart’s Club.

Hit that link on the left!


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The Bumper Foundation wholeheartedly thanks the Los Angeles City Council and everyone working in the Los Angeles dog rescue and dog adoption community who is working hard to make our city a better place for all animals. Together we can reduce the dog over population in Los Angeles.


City Council votes to require spaying or neutering for dogs and cats that are 4 months or older.

By Carla Hall, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer2:33 PM PST, February 1, 2008The Los Angeles City Council voted 10 to 1 today to approve mandatory sterilization of most pets at the age of 4 months or older – a decision greeted by cheers and applause from the crowded room at the Van Nuys City Hall – where the council meets the first Friday of every month.The bill must get a second reading in a week, but it is expected to pass. A parade of supporters and opponents of the bill spoke passionately to the council, but in the end, the measure passed, with the sole dissenter being Councilman Bill Rosendahl.He told the council that he was an animal lover, but he professed outrage at the thought of animal control officers knocking on the doors of people’s homes, calling it a “fascist-like” move.The city has said enforcement of the measure, which affects dogs and cats, will be very low key.”Compassion rules the day!” exclaimed Judy Mancuso, who runs the campaign to pass a similar law on the state level and was one of more than 100 people at today’s meeting.”I’m deeply disappointed,” said Cathie Turner, the executive director of Concerned Dog Owners of California. “We have to think about what to do next. The mission of our organization is to protect the health of our dogs.The City Council has passed a bill that will force 95% of Angelinos to live with impaired dogs – not because they’re spayed and neutered, but because they’re spayed and neutered at the wrong age. “The organization believes the decision on when to spay or neuter, if at all, should be left to owners.”Mandatory spay-neuter is a necessity,” said former game show host Bob Barker, who has donated millions to subsidize the sterilization procedure. “For decades I closed every ‘Price Is Right’ urging viewers to have their pets spayed. . . . I’d like to think all of us working together would be enough. But it’s not enough. We need legislation.”His remarks were greeted with applause and hoots of approval. The parade of speakers supporting the legislation included INXS band member Garry Beers, who told the council that his wife works with a rescue organization.”I have seen the hopeless cause these people face trying to find homes for these animals,” Beers said.Other rescuers echoed his remarks, emphasizing the overwhelming nature of the task of finding homes for unwanted pets.”I would like my guest house not to be a permanent foster facility,” said Elizabeth Oreck, who works with a private rescue group. “I would like my taxes to be spent on something other than the housing and killing of animals.”

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