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Greatest Dog Trick?

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Golden Retriever/Rottweiler/Shepherd PUPS!!! Adopted. Dad Available

Born October 15, 2007. puppiesinapile1107.jpgThey appear to be a mix of golden retriever/rottweiler/shepherd. They will be large dogs! There are 14 pups (8 females and 6 males). All are healthy and will be receiving their first DHLPP-C and worming at 7 weeks. They have been raised with my dog and cats and socialize well. They should make very nice family dogs. For adoption information contact:


Susan Hirsch / Buddy Babies Dog&Cat Rescue  email:  (310) 680-9188.

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Terri Poo – CRUISER – Adopted


Hi everybody – He looks quite different – I was shocked when I saw him…I told the vet to shave him dowm – and it took them 50 minutes – he had bubble gum in 2 places matted into his hair and tons of burs!!!¬†¬†

He also got a bath and his nails clipped….I think he will be adorable once his hair grows back out…As far as his health goes, they say that he is still pretty young based on his teeth – 1-2 years old.¬† He is not microchipped or neutered…the only thing that concerns me is that he hasn’t eaten that much, but I think he is just really excited…and he hasn’t gone #2 yet :)¬† Maybe that is lack of eating too…¬†

I still would like to see if someone is still looking for this guy as he is so sweet and seemed well loved at one time…maybe they are just not well versed on the spay and neuter thing?¬†He has grown quite attached to me – I think ’cause I’m the one who got all that mangy hair off of him!¬† I’m not sure how much longer I can foster him as my cats have been¬†MIA ever since I got him and I can’t even find 2 of them- he seems to be better with women for some reason…and he needs LOTS of love and attention and lots of walks/runs at the dog park.¬†

If any of you know some rescue groups that would take him in, it would help loads…he is only 16 lbs and very good.¬†¬†

 If you are interested in meeting or adopting him, please contact his sponsor Cyndi Zacko at .

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Sheppard mix- Apollo- ADOPTED

Apollo’s info…¬†¬†pet photopet photopet photo¬†Apollo’s info…Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback MixSize: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut – With WhiteSex: MaleAge: AdultApollo is:already neuteredgood with kidshas special needsup to date with shotsApollo’s story…Apollo is a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Apollo weighs about 65 pounds and he is neutered and vaccinated. Apollo gets along fine with older children and some large dogs, however we would like to place him in a home where he is the only dog. If interested in meeting Apollo please contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Miniature Schnauzer mix – Jock – Adopted



Jock is a young miniature Schnauzer mix, about 18 months old.He weighs about 20 pounds is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is great with kids and other dogs. If interested in meeting Jock, please contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Here’s to wishing all my friends around the world the Happiest of Thanksgivings. Every day out of a kennel is a day to be grateful for.  Here is a list of the things I’m grateful for.  

People. People are amazing and they are fun to watch. I love being hugged by them and have come to realize being hugged is the greatest gift in the world Рnext to smelling another dog’s behind. We dogs love the feeling of love and can’t seem to get enough. So when you make your New Year’s Resolutions List… top of the list: Hug everyone no matter what species.


Food.  I love food and I am grateful every day for its nourishment. It keeps me healthy and happy. I once heard some one said that food was God’s love made edible.  What does that say for fire hydrants?  



dog-28.jpg¬†Love. I love to love. That‚Äôs what we dogs do. Doesn‚Äôt make sense to do anything else than what we love doing at any moment we want to. You humans have a problem with that‚Ķ.one day you‚Äôll learn. Love is all there is. Really and truly.¬† I could say more… but I smell food.¬†



Nature. Thank you Nature! If food is God’s love made edible, then Nature must be God’s love made visible ‘cause it’s all beautiful. I never met a tree I didn’t like.  



Peace. Peace is a warm bed, furry squeak toys, food and friends. We can all have it, but we must want it. Really and truly want it more than anything else in the world. Visualize Peace. Work for Peace. Think Peace. Be Peace.  




May the Great Spirit, as you know spirit,  bless you and your family now and for every more with everlasting love and light and laughter. 


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Sheppard mix -Farrah- female- Adopted



Farrah is a Shepherd mix who is under a year old and weighs about 55 pounds.  She has lots of energy, so needs a very out going family who love to do active things.  Farrah is good with other dogs, but should be the dominate one in the home. Farrah is spayed, vaccinated, and is potty trained. Farrah is boarded at Dumoy Kennels in Inglewood where she receives one on one training with an inhouse trainer. If interested in meeting Farrah, please contact her sponsor, Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Chihuahua – Geena- female – Adopted



Geena is a little cutie pie Chihuahua with the face of an angel.  She is tiny weighs about 6 pounds, is between 1 and 2 years of age, acts even younger.  She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Geena is great with other pets and kids and we are working on her potty training. If interested in meeting Geena  please contact her sponsor, Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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