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Bailey, our first, and youngest volunteer, speaks about her love for all dogs, especially ARNOLD, a one eyed-dog she adopted.¬† Bailey named him Arnold because hin her words, “He tries to act tough… Although Arnold tries to be quiet, he jumps on bed and wakes you up.”

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Training a Dog is a BIG responsibility.

13 year old Alix loves dogs and¬†volunters on Saturdays.¬† “Dog’s aren’t born vicious” she says,¬†”it’s how the owner trains them.”


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Help save a dog’s life¬†shopping at Ralphs.


It’s never been easier to help the Bumper Foundation. Everytime you you shop and use your RALPHS CLUB CARD a percentage of that purchase goes to THE BUMPER FOUNDATION.¬† Here is what you do:
Register online at, click on community contributions, then click¬†participants.¬†¬†¬†Be sure to enter The Bumper Foundation’s¬†¬†NPO number¬†90029 on the registration form.

Be sure to have your Ralphs Club Card(s) available and register your card with us by following the easy online directions. 

  • If you do not have a Ralphs Club Card,¬†they are available at the customer service desk at any Ralphs.¬†
  • Remember, purchases will not count for until¬†you register your card(s).
  • Do you use your phone number at the register? Call 800-660-9003 to get your Club Card number.
  • Members must swipe their registered Ralphs Club Card when shopping for each purchase to count.¬†¬†

Tell a friend.

Always remember the pet food aisle….Bumper loves biscuits.


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The Myth of Pitbull Adoption

Ingrid Hurel sets the record straight on PitBull adoption myths.

Some dogs are deemed unadoptable; like Pitbulls, Boxers and Shephards. The Bumper Foundation finds homes for all dog. We believe that every dog deserve a “Forever Home”.¬†

“I come from a country where we don’t kill animals in the shelter”.

Ingrid Hurel

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FreeMarket Media Group


FreeMarket Media Group is in the business of web design and internet marketing. 

These two principles go hand in hand. We believe one without the other makes very little sense.  We are in in the business of creating a Profitable Presence on the web for our clients and work with you to design and effectively market your internet business.  Our services include Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing; Website promotion and internet advertising services, Internet marketing services International marketing and web hosting.

Lennie Appelquist. Pres. and CEO of FreeMarket Media Group is a Film Industry professional by trade, a 1st Assistant Director with extensive A-List film credits. Check the Internet Movie Database to see his resume. He is the Web Design and Technical Management arm of the FreeMarket Media Group team. An extensive portfolio of his site design can be found at Topanga Surf Company, his original web-design site.


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watch this page for more info…………….

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Hello Folks,¬† BUMPER here announcing Three exciting brand new fun filled pages.¬†¬†New page number one is¬†JANET’S PAGE.¬† Janet, our co-founder, and fabulous world renown resident animal communicator launches her very own page. Check in frequently to hear about her latest TALKS WITH THE ANIMALS. You’ll be astounded.¬†

Have a question about your pet?¬†¬† Write Janet an e-mail.¬† Her address is ¬†¬† You’ll be glad you did…so will your pet.


Page Numero Dos is our SUPPORT page -and we really and truly need your support in a big way.¬† The truth of the matter is that there is a real serious side to what we do. For each of the happy dogs you see on our site, there are about¬†10-20 dogs you don’t see¬†or will ever see. Pet over population¬†¬†is a big problem in L. A and something we¬†can fix with¬†YOUR HELP!¬† PAYPAL links are on the left side on every page…don’t be shy.


My third new page is simply called HAPPY TAILS because that’s what it’s about!¬† YOUR happy stories and pictures about life with your new best friend.¬† It doesn’t matter if your new to Bumper’s big dog family or a long time family member.¬† Now is the time to snap your pictures and wiggle those fingers on your computer keyboards.¬†¬† I just Love getting fan mail!

Love for ALL, ALL for Love!



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Shih Tzu pure bred -OLIVER- Adopted



Meet Oliver, a pure bred Shih Tzu¬†born¬†October last year.¬† We got him when he was four months old from a couple who moved to NYC and had to find him a home.¬†¬†At the time, I was working from home more.¬†¬†Now I’m at all fulltime office job and¬†the young man¬†needs more attention than he gets.¬† Oliver is¬†extremely lovable and sweet.¬†¬†Look at that face! If you’re ¬†interested in giving Oliver a great forever home,¬†please call¬†Angela, Oliver’s mom, at¬†310.614.9046 (cell).

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