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Lhasa Apso – TEDDY- male – Adopted



Teddie is a two-year-old beautiful male Lhasa Apso.¬† He has the face of a Teddie Bear (hence the name) and a big personality.¬† Teddie‚Äôs hobbies are playing catch, dropping objects in the pool to watch them sink, and protecting his home.¬†¬†Teddie would thrive in a household that can give him lots of attention, especially if he could be walked regularly.¬† His owners’s schedules have kept them from committing the time needed for Teddie.¬† They say that he¬†is a beautiful, loving dog¬†who will make¬†great companion for the right home.¬† Teddie is neutered and up to date on all vaccines.¬† Interested parties contact Tracy Dority at¬† (310) 418-2433 or Ashley Gallagher at (310) 937-6369 for more information.


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Bichon or Poodle mix – Maddie – Adopted



Maddie is approximately 7 months old, weighs 9 pounds 6 oz. We think she is a Bichon or Poodle mix. Maddie is adorable and very sweet, a complete lap doggie.  She is microchipped, spayed and vaccinated. Maddie is great with other dogs and with kids.  Maddie was rescued as a stray but her foster mom could not keep her. Interested parties should contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email to request an application.

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Belgian Malinois – SAM- for Adoption



Precious  Sammy is an alert, beautiful fawn Shephard mix who is fun of fun and affection. He adores people yet is a great watchdog.  He also loves to play roughhouse with other dogs and even our cat.  Sammy is approximately a year old, healthy, neutered and microchipped. The very fortunate new owner will have a loving and active companion willing to accompany him anywhere. He enjoys cuddling as a favorite pastime, as well.   This handsome fellow is housebroken and is an inside/outside dog.  He needs a nice yard or someone to run with, or better yet, both. Being the Alpha boy that he is, his intelligence, communication and leadership skills are apparent. Sammy is a wonderful companion and will love you forever! 

Please contact:  Anita Anderson (310) 325-7714

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For those of you who want to help pets and other animals affected by the fires in California, both ASPCA and the Humane Society of the US, need your support. Please visit their respective sites or click the pay pal link here on the sidebar to your left.


Copy and paste the link below in your browser window and take a moment to either sign the form letter or create your own for email, and also call Sens. Feinstein and Boxer to urge them to support the Farm Bill, and retain the amendment protecting pets from being illegally grabbed and made into research subjects.If you live outside California, please contact your state senators. Copy and paste the link below in your browser window and take a moment to either sign the form letter or create your own for email, and also call Sens. Feinstein and Boxer to urge them to support the Farm Bill, and retain the amendment protecting pets from being illegally grabbed and made into research subjects.

If you live outside California, please contact your state senators.

Many Thanks,

Ina Hillebrandt President, Pawpress‚Ñ¢, and Founder, Pawprints Literacy Plus‚Ñ¢Brentwood Village, PO Box 492213 * Los Angeles, CA 90049 V: 310.471.5048 F: 310.471.7528

Visit our website

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Yellow Lab – BUCK- Adopted



Buck is a handsome 14 month old male Yellow Lab who needs a new home.  He is very kid friendly and good with other dogs. Buck will need a large yard where he can run and play as he has lots of energy. His new guardians will need to provide Buck with puppy training classes to finish his training. He knows he sit command but needs the rest of the basics.  He loves to play ball, but is not fond of swimming. Buck responds especially well with men. Buck is vaccinated and neutered. If interested in meeting Buck, please contact his Sponsor, Ashley Gallagher at 310 292 4216

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Chihuahua – MINK- Female – Adopted



Mink is a little cutie pie, with the face of a Mink. She is tiny weighs abut 6 pounds, is between 1 and 2 years of age, acts even younger. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Mink is good with other pets and kids and is housebroken. If interested in meeting Mink, please contact her sponsor, Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email

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Bichon Frise/Lhasa Aposo – CHANTE’ – Adopted



Chante’ is an adorable Bichon Frise/Lhasa Aposo mix about 2 years old, and weighs about 15 pounds. Chante’s is great with other pets with the exception of bunnies, which she likes to chase.¬† She is great with kids as well. Chante’ is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. If interested in meeting Chante’s please contact me at 323 758 8992 and I will make sure Chante’ is available at the adoptions on Sundays at The Farmers Market at 1616 North Caheuenga Blvd, Hollywood, CA from 11:00 am to 3:00pm and speak with Isabell Csaki.

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Terrier mix – SAHARA – Female- Adopted

Sahara sahara.jpgSahara is a female Terrier mix who is approximately 6-9 months old. She is small weighing about 10-12 pounds. Sahara is vaccinated, spayed and Microchipped. If interested in meeting her please contact Mary Chatman at 323 758 8992 or email  

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We’ve been chewing over¬†recent¬†events here in Los Angeles.¬† One idea that’s come to mind¬†is that it¬†may be a good idea¬†and the right time¬†for all Los Angeles 501 c3 rescue groups to develop a standardized adoption form.

While we’re at it we could also create universal forms for intake of animals, a 3rd party release of an animal to an agency, home check list criteria and interagency transfer, etc.

A standard set of forms would streamline the adoption process and possibly result in animals finding homes faster because alll potential adoptors will know one set of terms and conditions applies to all groups.

I am not suggesting relaxing any animal protection clauses, just standardizing them.


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Open Letter to KCRW

To : Ms. Ruth Seymour, KCRW General Manager/Program Director

Re: Laurel Snyder Commentary re: Dog Adoption

Broadcast October 19, 2007- 7PM

When a radio commentator says they don’t wish to marginalize nor trivialize a controversial news story and proceeds to marginalize and trivialize the story, then for good measure heaps on a healthy dollop of sensationalism, something is wrong. 

KCRW seems to be barking up the wrong tree.

Ms. Snyder was opining about a person‚Äôs right to give an animal they‚Äôve adopted away. She smugly justified her decision to give her dog away when the animal nipped her child, (without a second thought I think she said)¬†which is a reasonable course of action to take under the circumstance which, needs to be emphatically pointed out, has nothing to do with the Degeneres Dog Adoption story.¬† The ovbious question that begs to be asked is,¬†¬†”what does this story have to do with anything? Or am I missing something?”

Why did KCRW air this piece at this time? 

Ms. Snyder¬†then goes on to embellish¬†her tragic story with¬†rich blood-soaked metaphors. She chose her words carefully for maximum impact in sentences like, “The nurse couldn‚Äôt find¬†a tiny¬†vein in his arm for an IV.”¬† “I could hear the child‚Äôs screams.”¬† Laurel’s lip must have quivered¬†on her next, best line, “He sobbed (dramatic pause for emphasis) ‚Äúdoggie.‚Äù”

Ms. Snyder made it sound as if her child had been torn limb from limb and ravaged by a mad lunatic wolf; not a nip. 

And the point was?

In light of recently ignited passions over an unfortunate local adoption gone very wrong, it seems in toto to be an inappropriate commentary to run in prime-time drive time. The old adage about allowing sleeping dogs to lie would have been more apropos. But regrettably KCRW ran with the story, sans solutions, nor response.

Speaking as one who rescues animals, the Ellen Degeneres dog adoption spectacle was extraordinarily painful to watch in light of the fact that a recent 3rd quarter Los Angeles Animal Services report states 11,650 dogs and cats have been euthanized right here in LOS ANGELES, for no crime against humanity other than they couldn’t find a home.   

Lopsided stories like this¬†don’t help homeless dogs and cats in shelters get new homes but add to the statistics.

In my opinion KCRW did Los Angeles animal rescue groups a huge disservice by broadcasting this story at this time Рespecially since this story has absolutely no resemblance to the adoption melt-down that just took place.  

I feel that every opportunity to give a shelter dog or cat a good home must be explored. In Ellen’s situation it is very disconcerting to me that the rescue agency did not work diligently to find a solution that would have resulted in a win-win for all – family, children and dog. 

In her commentary, Ms. Snyder, a person who looks at a cow and sees grazing Chateaubriand, by her own admission, tossed disparaging remarks at people who rescue animals that were also not rebutted. And by the way, how did eating meat find its way into a story on animal adoption?  

Yes, unfortunately human beings do treat other human beings inhumanely, and this must change if we are to survive together on Earth,¬†but don’t blame the animal rescue community for saving animal’s lives in the same breath.¬† I believe, and many who rescue animals believe, saving animals is key to saving our world and restoring what‚Äôs left of our dignity.¬†

In closing I’ll leave you with this quote by Mahatma Gandhi for all to ponder – 

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”



Richard Oshen, Co-Founder

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